Finding and Meeting With a Workers’ Compensation Attorney

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A workers’ compensation attorney specializes in workers’ claims for on-the-job injuries and illnesses. A lawyer typically handles one or more types of claims, including medical treatment, lost wages due to an injury, and emotional distress caused by a job-related incident. Due to the nature of these claims, Stroudsburg workers’ compensation attorney is usually experts in a particular field of law. Here are tips for finding the right attorney for your workplace injury claim.

Do a background check, and ask questions

This is the first step in finding an attorney to represent you in your workers’ compensation claim. The initial search should be of your state’s bar association and of any bar associations where the attorney practices. Bar associations are often divided into classes with different types of attorneys, based on the type of cases they handle. You should be able to find this information on your state bar association’s website. You can also check the attorney’s online profile on any state or national directory.

Ask for references

Once you have found an attorney you are interested in talking with, ask for references from satisfied clients. This will help get a better picture of how the attorney operates and his or her client satisfaction level. Additionally, make sure to check with your local Better Business Bureau to verify that there are no complaints against the attorney in question.

Check for accreditation

Check the attorney’s accreditation. This can be done by checking with your state’s bar association or the state agency that handles professional licensing. A lawyer who is accredited has met a certain criterion of experience, education and ethical behavior to be officially recognized by their state as a true professional.

Choose an attorney that you feel comfortable with

This is the most important step in finding an attorney to represent you in your workers’ compensation claim. You want to make sure that you are comfortable with your attorney and that you trust him or her. You also want to choose an attorney who is familiar with your state’s workers’ compensation laws.

Stroudsburg workers' compensation attorney

Know the process

Most cases go through the same basic steps: first, the client gets together all of the necessary documents, then a client may see two or three doctors and get a diagnosis for his or her condition. This is followed by a period of treatment for the injury, which can be some physical therapy, medication or surgery. Finally, the client negotiates with their employer’s insurance company to settle their case with them. The employer will likely offer a settlement to the client and the client would then sign an agreement to have his or her case handled by the insurance company.

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