Check before you sell

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Before deciding, talk to agents and meet with at least three of them.

Keep your price in line with the costs of homes that have sold and were identified in a report on the comparative market if you want to improve your home’s curb appeal and prepare it for sale by renovating and painting. If the price of your home is not right and you want multiple offers, then you should select an excellent home-buying company

How to improve the selling of your house?

  • Improve your home’s curb appeal and prepare it for sale by cleaning and decluttering. You might want to hire a professional stager or ask your real estate agent for advice and help with showings. Your furniture can be used frequently.
  • Consider a pre-listing and seller’s inspection to find potential issues and make necessary repairs. If you’re selling a house with pets, consider arranging temporary housing while the house is on display.
  • If the price of your home is right, be prepared to receive multiple offers. You should not turn it down even if an offer seems too low. Make a counteroffer as part of the negotiation.

Market conditions

If the market conditions warrant it, think about making a counteroffer that is contingent on you purchasing a home. If your price is competitive and supported by comparable sales, don’t hesitate to offer a full-price counter. Preparing your home can be an emotionally charged part of the selling process.

However, the best chance of selling for the best price is to remove your emotions from the equation.


If the buyer’s offer is contingent on the sale of a home, you can also request a kick-out clause or the right to first refusal. If the buyer cannot sell their property, you won’t have to wait long because of this contingency.

Because you did not pay for the appraisal, you typically do not have the right to receive a copy. Ask your agent or attorney about your rights if the buyer decides to cancel the contract based on an appraisal. For them to leave, the agreement must include an appraisal contingency.

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